Posted by: sll2050 | May 25, 2010

“Golden Rule” Of MBT Kisumu Shoes

Only MBT Shoes and feet to reach a perfect degree of comfort, feet only have true freedom, this is also the shoes of the “golden rule” is also caused by shoes high aesthetic standards.

Mr. Wu Guoliang said: “The use of Jeter. Boshi unique golden rule, on the exact pulse of fashion MBT Kisumu and perfect grasp the show and lead the fashion art direction indicator, the rigidity of the kingdom brought elegant soft demeanor, highlighted in the exclusive world of flexible rigid temperament, for every consumer’s unique Italian exotic products, it is MBT and other brands with a high degree difference, is our golden rule victory. ” MBT is committed to excellent and the Golden Section into the fashion storm for consumers to fully enjoy MBT Shoes Sale fashion feast.

MBT as a casual fashion brand, fashion elements to the main playing style, MBT Lami in the new definition of the romantic Italian leisure and exquisite hand-perfect integration into product development design go. Fashion is a mass psychological phenomenon, is the first in a given period of time by a few experiments, after that the industry would be able to pre- by the public advocate and emulate the life style.


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